TN BTA Hotel InduSTRy Overview_Oct 14 2014

Presented by Lindsay Culbreath, CMHS, CHIA Senior Director of Business Development & Marketing – STR to the TN BTA Chapter.

GBTA Foundation BTI Outlook 2014 Q3

The GBTA BTI™ Outlook - United States 2014Q3 projects aggregate business travel trends over the next eight quarters. The report includes key buy-side metrics such as total business travel volume and spending, plus supplyside projections of changes in cost

TSA Pre Check Presentation Jan 2018

Jerry Koehler, DHS presented updated information on TSA PreCheck

Membership Application

Membership Application (Rev 4-3-14)

Updated General Membership application.



MSABTA Scholarship Applications

MSABTA 2020 Scholarship Application

2002 MSABTA Scholarship Application Form - Choose from one of the following: MSABTA Chapter Scholarship (Value up to $400) - 2 to be awarded GBTA Annual Membership (Value up to $400) - 1 to be awarded GBTA Convention (Value up to $1,000) - 1 to be awar